Help 2 Speak

Help 2 Speak 1.0

Pocket foreign language guide


  • Five different languages
  • Clear icons for easy navigation
  • Organised by context
  • Includes lots of useful phrases


  • No pronounciation guide
  • Basic level language

Very good

Parlez vous francais? Hables español? Sprechen sie deutsch? Me neither, which is why I often end up running into trouble when I'm in a foreign country.

I'm sick of having to carry a phrasebook around with me though, flipping through the pages in a frantic effort to ask where the toilets are.

Help 2 Speak is designed to change all that, offering you a tool in which you can carry a conversation guide around with you at all times - on your phone.

The program gives you a basic guide to speaking in common situations in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The interface is neatly designed, with lots of nice big icons that makes it a breeze to navigate no matter what country you're from.

I like the fact that there are different 'Context' menus, allowing you to quickly flip to useful phrases for a particular situation, such as shopping, dining, making small talk, etc.

Once you've clicked on a context, you'll be presented with a scrollable list in your own language of things you might want say. Clicking on one of these will present you with the translation clearly, in a window above the list.

There are lots of phrases for each context, although you get no advanced help about grammar or pronounciation.

Overall though, Help 2 Speak provides a simple, well-organised pocket solution that will help you get by in loads of different countries.

Help 2 Speak is a free mobile conversation guide designed to be taken everywhere you go. Through an intuitive user interface, you can take the basics of the conversation in a foreign language everywhere with you and speak in the most common situations, ensuring that you're never caught out with nothing to say.

Help 2 Speak


Help 2 Speak 1.0

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